Ten Things You Love About You

Hello Loves! February holds so much meaning for me. Apart from being the month my daughter was born, it is also my birth month and I have special anniversaries I hold dear to me. February really is about Love for me, and not because of Valentine’s Day. Ah, Valentine’s Day. The internet was oozing withRead more

A Letter to my Daughter

It’s my daughter’s first birthday today and I wanted to pour my heart out in a letter on the blog. Keeping letters and pictures in a memory box/book is one of the nicest gifts I think you can give your kids. Curating memories online just for her also seems like a good idea to me.Read more

Finished Over Perfect

This week, I joined the #HomWork week, a weekly creative challenge created by Lauren Hom. She’s a letterer and one of my fave people on the inter-web and is constantly inspiring me. The first challenge in Week One was to draw your name and surround it with your favourite things. Now I love lettering. IRead more

Things You Should Not Say To A Pregnant Woman

Hey loves! It’s 2018 people! If there’s one thing you should have on your “resolutions” list, it should be “Being a nicer person.” Yes, it does sound pretty easy (easier than planning to lose 30 pounds or quitting alcohol) but it isn’t really. One good place to start is thinking before you talk. Especially whenRead more

Reading Challenge 2018

Hello loves and Happy Holidays! To round off the year, I decided to share one of my favourite things with you: books. For the past two years, I’ve set up a personal reading challenge for myself and put it up on Goodreads. Last year, my challenge was to read 30 books. I didn’t even goRead more

Introducing Kat plus Rose

Hello loves! It finally happened! I want to introduce you guys to Kat plus Rose, a scarf line I’ve been working on with my sister, for sometime now. We loved brainstorming and working together and all year round, creating this scarf line has been our top priority along with finishing school and other projects. OnRead more

Looking for Strength

Growing up, I always wanted to be strong. I wanted to be able to do cartwheels or do a pull-up like the boys in my school. Somehow I equated being muscular or vascular with being strong. I almost hated my chubby face. How was anyone going to know I was strong if I couldn’t flexRead more

Taking Stock: October ’17

Hey loves! It has a been a pretty busy month for me with a new semester and personal projects and baby stuff. I’m learning to leave my baby at home more frequently now, especially when I have to go to class, and I find myself battling with intense “mum guilt”. I take advantage of theRead more

Akwa Ibom Road Trip

I love road trips with my fam! Other than the occasional hazards with bad roads and general insecurity on our roads, road trips can be fun. A couple of weeks ago, I visited Uyo in Akwa Ibom State. It wasn’t my first time with the Hubs but this time was different because we were goingRead more

Travelling With a Baby

I have been a mum for a little over 7 months and I have had to travel with my baby quite a number of times. I started travelling with her before she was a month old and before you get your knickers in a twist, yes, it was absolutely necessary. Many people dread travelling withRead more